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UX.Reflection isn’t your typical design newsletter. Maybe ‘newsletter’ isn’t even the right word, since this publication doesn’t focus on the new and shiny in the design world.

What you will find in UX.Reflection are deep dives into design topics that can't find their stage on the fast-paced social media platforms. This newsletter should not add to the noise in your inbox but rather invite for a conversation or leave you with a new insight.

UX.Reflection is just that - a reflection. You can expect to receive a mail from me from time to time - usually around once a month. 

This is what you can expect

  • Personal reflections on design and career progression

  • Deep dives into design and art topics

About Maureen

I’m a product designer at Miro and content creator based in Amsterdam, NL. Coming from a non-design background, I experienced first-hand the struggles of switching careers and getting started in a new industry. These struggles are the drive behind this publication and the stuff I share on ux.collection.

I hope that my experiences and lessons learned help you kickstart and grow your own design career!

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UX.Reflection is the slow newsletter for designers who want to dig deeper. What you will find in UX.Reflection are deep dives into design and career topics.


Maureen | UX.Reflection

A slow newsletter for designers who want to dig deeper, run by Maureen. Follow me on Instagram @ux.collection